Flawless Cutting, Ensure Quality In The Beginning

Superb production technology is started with accurate cutting. In detail managing of furniture materials, a tiny discrepancy will     influence the quality level of the whole products. So Kinwai imports from the HOMAC Group (Germany), the most state of the art computerized mechanized panel cutting centre. The cutting accuracy is controlled to be less than 0.1mm to keep edges straight and smooth, which guarantees the overall sturdiness and structural coordination for final products. The saw can cut 4 to 5 pieces of 25mm thick panels in one time. The suspended ball bearing system on the operation area protects the surface unscratched throughout the whole cutting process. By the help of these outstanding technologies, every component is in the same manufacturing specification. Kinwais production capability reaches the top level in the industry.

Precise Drilling, Assure Quality Stability

The steady and strong furniture assembly relies on precise drilling position.        Kinwai imports the automatic connecting and digital,controlling drilling machines, from BIESSE Group (Italy). These machines work in 3 dimensions - front & back, up & down, left & right - and combine maximum 14 rows of driller in the same time. The tolerance of the holes is well controlled to less than 0.5mm. All these perfect hole position ensure a steady connection for the final products. Thats why Kinwais products have long life cycle.

Eco-Friendly Banding Technique, Keep Indoor Climate Fresh

Banding technique is an essential part during the whole furniture production process. The quality of banding reveals the environmental protection level of the product. Kinwai introduce from TECHND7 Group (Italy), the multi-dimensional edge grinding machine, to sand the sides of components especially before banding. Sanding belts in 4 different roughnesses are equipped in the machine. The Germany automatic double-end edge milling and banding production line, German HOMAG vacuum cup banding machine and other advanced banding equipment are ensuring that there is no discoloration, scratch, indentation and glue on the surface. Abnormal shape components will be sanded by 180# abrasive paper before banding so as to avoid transformation and angulations. These extremely strict processes ensure that the edges are hermetic enough to seal the formaldehyde emission. Kinwai production realizes the international standard of environmental friendly furniture, to create pollution-free indoor climate.

Advanced Painting Machine, Realize The Perfect From Inside To Outside

The last process of furniture production,  painting,  not only  determine products final  exterior,  but  also  decide  its  environmental protection level. Kinwai is the first factory in China adopting the CEFLA Group, UV automatic roll painting production line, from Italy. Sanding, staining, lacquering, UV drying, all  procedures can  be finish in one time in the 88-meter  long production line.  Eventually every component will be tested by infrared ray for 6 minutes to guarantee the quality. The  whole process works in dust-free area to avoid dirt pollution. Besides, Kinwai use the  CEFLA automatic spraying sealing production line  for finishing. This line can spray in multi-nozzle and  multi-direction  according to the pre-set  process in the computer.  Panels in different thickness can be dried in 40 minutes in this line as well. Production efficiency is greatly improved from 10 days by traditional production technique.



   Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Development

Through the long run, Kinwai always insists environmental concept as a guideline for the sustainable development. To keep in mind is not merely a responsibility on Kinwai's shoulder,  but also some  kind of personalized caring for our clients.  For this concept,  Kinwai invests huge money introduced the Finland GOVE Automatic Central Dust Collecting  System, which including strong Dust Absorption Channels for each machine in each workshop to absorb the sawdust and  waste directly  during the  manufacturing process. This system creates a healthy  working  environment  for  the  workers.  Besides,  Kinwai  regards  nature  environmental  protection  with conscience as its own business all the time. All the factory waste water would be purified by Germany advanced VECT Sewage Purification System. The waste water then would be  turned to  reusable as  industrial water.  In the  meantime, to  protect  the surrounding  ecological environment, all the discharging water is treated to be free of polluting and harmful constituent. Protecting the nature environmental ecological equilibrium and insisting on the Green Environmental Development, Kinwai always keep in mind.


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