In 2012, The completion of Kinwai’s manufacture base for upholstered furniture, covering an area of 200,000 m2.

In the same year, Kinwai awarded Chinese Environmental Label Product Certificate.



In 2010, Kinwai is the first domestic wood furniture company obtains 

   “Exemption From Export Inspection”.


In 2009, Kinwai create brilliance—obtains

   “China Famous Trademark”,

   “CQC Environmental Label Certificate”.



In 2008, Kinwai International Industry Zone had been expended to

      300,000 square meters.


In 2007, as Kinawai RD Center was founded, Kinwai became

     the first Chinese furniture corporate possessing an international

     R&D facility.


In 2006, Kinwai cooperated with the domestic top Marketing Scheming Agency. Concept “Humanity Furniture” was first time brought out;

Kinwai awarded Chinese Famous Brand and Guangdong Famous Brand.


In 2005, Kinwai awarded Best-Sell Chinese Brands in Furniture Industry,

     Famous Chinese Furniture Brands, and Domestic Top Ten After-sale

     Service Company.


In 2004, Kinwai cooperated with the world’s biggest furniture supplier IKEA and American biggest furniture retail Interline.

Famous Hong Kong movie star Simon Yam and his super model wife Sophia Kao signed as Kinwai’s image spokesperson, Kinwai became the first furniture company using Super Star couple as spokesperson in this industry.

Kinwai awarded ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001 and Green Environmental Certificate.



In 2003, Kinwai International Industry Town is completion. International scale of construction turns Kinwai to famous worldwide Furniture Company.



In 2001, Kinwai awarded Ten Assured Brands with best

      Quality tested by Government Supervision in China.


In 1999, Kinwai passed and got the ISO9001 Quality

      Management System Certificate. Kinwai’s excellent

     quality management concept is approved by the Authority.



In 1997, Kinwai imported the Veneer Production Line, starting the home furniture manufacturing and direct marketing. It makes Kinwai the one and only big transnational furniture group in China, which achieves the marketing system of producing, exporting and domestically selling office & home furniture, and also establishes its leadership in Chinese Furniture Business.


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